Online Interview Training Course

Take your interviewing to the next level with the unique insights and advanced concepts presented within our online interview training course.

100 minutes of training content

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  • On Demand Video Content

  • 9 Learning Modules

  • 100 minutes duration

  • No Expiry Date

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Course Content

1. Understand What Interviewers Want

See things from the interviewers' perspective and understand what they are looking for in candidates

2. Advanced Research & Job Analysis

Go beyond the company's website & social pages, and discover how to identify competitor sets, industry news, and relevant trends

3. How To Answer Interview Questions

Learn how to bring your answers to life through storification

4. Selling Yourself With Humility

Demonstrate your capabilities without overt self-promotion

5. Ensuring Your Answers Hit Their Mark

Discover the small things you can do to ensure your answers resonate with your interviewers

6. Rapport Building

Unique insights to help you establish rapport with your interviewers

7. Command Your Interviewers Attention

Discover what workplace behaviours and character traits are most highly regarded by interviewers

8. Mind Matters

Learn how to get yourself mentally prepared for your interviews

9. The Finishing Touches

Get the basics right to ensure you make a good impression

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Online Interview Training Course


Course Preview

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What people say about it

This course is amazing. The sections on storification of answers and rapport building helped me enormously. I really recommend it to anyone who has an interview coming up.

Marketing Manager

Great course! I had no idea how much there was to know about interviewing. This course gave me so much more than the basics. Incredible value for the price I paid.


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